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Crickets, inspiration and words…

Posted on September 9, 2011

It’s amazing to me that I can clearly hear the thoughts in my head until I sit down to write.  And then it is like the quietest that my head gets!  Maybe I could use writing as a form of meditation.  Not the writing itself, but the sitting down to write, opening the page, and putting my fingers on the keyboard.  That is when the theoretical crickets chirp… and nothingness happens briefly.  It makes me think I would love to have a magical brain recorder – so that I could actually use the thoughts that go through my head for something beneficial.  The ones I’m not in alignment with I could toss out, erase, re-record things that I would like better.  The ones I am in alignment with I could use.  But no magical recorder means my thoughts are lost, most likely for eternity.

Someone once described inspiration like a wave that ran through us.  And in that moment if they didn’t have a typewriter, paper, pen or even a scrap of a napkin to record it on, that the moment was lost.  The inspiration was gone and the opportunity with it.  I can’t say that it comes to me like a wave… it’s more like smoke.  I can see it, smell it, sense it, it is pervasive and yet when I try to grab it and hold on, it escapes me.  So I sit, fingers on the keyboard letting smoke dance before me.

Words… do they create our world or are they the forbidden apple that took us from the Garden of Eden?  I once believed that animals had it so simple, in a world where they lived free from the judgments, shoulds and should nots of humanity.  Their communication was clear enough to others by their actions.  It seemed like a preferable world to one where we hide our true selves for fear of being criticized, misunderstood, or just put down for our own thoughts.  When I dig deeper into this I see that without language there would be no need to build bigger better ways of communicating… there would be little need to travel the world.  There would be no competition for better products, faster cars, or any of the stuff we think of as necessary to live in the world today.  It is our words, written language, that separate us from the other inhabitants on planet earth.  It is our words that separate us from each other, from nature, from God and everything else.  If that is true, is the opposite not also true?  That words spoken from within, without the mask are what connect us to each other, nature, God and everything?

I have come to think that there is something to be learned from every little thing in life.  If we take the time to look and see not only what is right in front of us, but what is within us it opens up a rich understanding of all that is.  It is often what is within us that we have yet to truly understand.