Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellness


Relax! And don’t forget to Breathe!

Posted on January 1, 2015

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” – Sydney J. Harris

Today, I found myself rushing to the office, to the post office, to a lunch meeting, to the office again, to look at a property for lease, back to the office and in a frenzy of cleaning, organizing, sorting, seeing patients, tracking numbers, scheduling with my sister in law to see my niece this weekend, negotiating rent, working on legal documents to file for my business, and stressing over too much to do.  By the time I got home I was still on fast forward, spilled coffee in my car seat, found out the garage freezer was no longer freezing my food and that I had more emails I had promised to send out, reports I said I would run and deliver, not to mention a workout I promised myself to do, and dinner to cook before I could sit down and zone out to whatever mind numbing activity I could come up with (usually television, movies or computer games). I realized that I had not been doing one of the things I tell my patients to do all the time – Take a Deep Breath, hold it, and let it out… Do it again! All of the craziness of my day seemed to fade if only for a second or two. The words of this quote are more valuable than most people ever realize. It’s not all the busy-ness that causes the stress in our lives, it is the fact that when we don’t get enough oxygen to our brains, we miss little things like the purse strap catching on the coffee cup and dragging into the seat or the sweet little comments and joyful actions of others. So, the next time you find yourself, running here, there, everywhere like the white rabbit – no time to say hello, goodbye – BREATHE!