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Happy Fall Y’All!!

Posted on November 11, 2015

As we all enjoy the cooler air and the slide into the holiday season, many people struggle with sinus, allergies, colds and emotional stress. All of which can be helped with a few simple steps…

1. Cool damp air creates the perfect environment for phlegm and congestion – try drinking warm (hot) water with lemon and/or ginger in it. The lemon tends to cut down on congestion and ginger warms us up and promotes healthy digestion, both support healthy sinuses. If you don’t feel like carrying around roots and fruits, essential oils are a perfect match for this sort of thing! (Check schedule for upcoming Oils Classes to learn more!)

2. Listen to your body! If you are feeling run down, slow down! Get the sleep you need and support the body with proper diet and nutrition… If you are feeling stuck or anxious take a few minutes to close your eyes and breathe deeply (obviously, NOT while driving!). Notice your breathe and focus on what is going on around you and in you at that very moment.

3. Antioxidants are a great way to support the body! So whether you get your vitamin C from a kiwi (yes, they are very high in Vit C) or you are looking for other antioxidant alternatives such as clove, cranberries and grapes… They are all a great addition to add fall flavor and colors to your meals.

4. As you travel, support your immune system with plenty of rest and instead of the antibacterial stuff – try an essential oil blend that has those protective properties without the chemicals! (Not to mention they smell much better!) Toxic load from unnatural substances weighs down our body’s natural defenses.

5. At 1st signs of Holiday stress, schedule with your acupuncturist and other wellness practitioners to get balanced back out. Waiting until your overly stressed and your body overly tired invites opportunist pathogens like colds, flu, and stomach viruses to take advantage of your body!

As always, I am incredibly grateful for each and every one of you!! I hope your fall is off to a fabulous start and your Halloween was as thrilling as you planned! Keep your eyes out for upcoming emails, classes, and more!

See you soon!