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Audra Whatley received her Bachelor of Science in genetics from Texas A&M University, after which she worked in medical research facilities creating diagnostics and vaccines for allopathic medicine. After a lifetime of battling allergies and sinus problems of her own, she found relief using alternative medicine. She then chose to attend a school for alternative medicine instead of a traditional medical school. (Click here to read more)

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the oldest, professional, continually practiced, literate medicine in the world. Chinese medicine is a complete medical system which attempts to treat the full range of diseases, acute and chronic, traumatic, infectious, and internally generated. Chinese medicine is an excellent and effective choice at the beginning of any disease or for diseases which modern Western medicine either does not understand, has no effective treatment for, or as a preferred alternative to long term  medications with side effects. (Click here to read more)

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Chinese herbal medicine treats the full range of human disease. It treats acute diseases, such as intestinal flu and the common cold, as well as chronic diseases, such as allergies, gynecological disorders, autoimmune diseases, chronic viral diseases, and degenerative diseases due to aging. Chinese herbal medicine promotes the body’s ability to heal and recuperate. (Click here to read more)

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My allergies are almost gone! I would highly recommend Audra Whatley and her services! She has been treating my allergies now for about two months and I have seen a significant improvement! My runny nose and watery eyes have now almost completely disappeared!John  Wed, 10/13/2010 – 20:32  (Click here to read more)